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Introducing the Robotics and Python Workshop

Meet the newest addition to your team! Monica. The special thing about her: She is not a human but a little pink robot with a couple of sensors and wheels on which she moves. Monica is the star of our new robotics training as she allows the kids to playfully learn how to assemble and code her to make her do various tasks, letting them take a further leap toward engineering and technology.

Whether it’s navigating a maze, following a line, or playing a little song there is no end to the kids’ imagination when it comes to learning fun new ways to interact with Monica. This is also reflected in the student’s enthusiasm when it comes to letting their curiosity roam free and awaken a newfound interest in engineering beyond coding.

Not only has robotics joined our previous curriculum, but we are happy to announce that kids now also have the opportunity to indulge in our new Python workshop for teens. This workshop, which is usually held in the mornings on weekdays around the office or online lets the kid dive into one of the most widely used programming languages.

Here, the kids can deepen their understanding of programming and see what real coding projects look like. Recognized as a highly sought-after language by employers, this workshop positions kids for a brighter future by cultivating their potential in the world of technology.

Supporting our mission is easy! Whether you choose to contribute to our robotics training by helping us acquire new robots or by enabling us to expand our Python workshop to reach more young minds, your support makes a significant impact. Visit our GlobalGiving page to make a donation and be a part of empowering the next generation of innovators. To stay up to date on our projects you can also also sign up for our newsletter.

For those eager to enroll in our courses and embark on this exciting journey of discovery, you can sign up for either our robotics training or Python workshop here.

Join us in shaping a future where young minds are empowered with the skills and knowledge to become the innovators of tomorrow!

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