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About Us

Digitization creates a lot of chances for jobs in Africa. And to grow and stand on our own feet, we need qualified jobs. But to put this into practice, we need empowered talents with the right skills and the right mindset. We challenge our current educational system and believe we can do more, especially when it comes to IT & Soft Skills.

We cannot afford to lose promising talents on the way or forget them in rural schools. We need to create more chances for all students in Junior and Senior High School because early education is key. We think that we all have the responsibility to empower the future generation of Africa with basic, vital skills – and beyond!

The Grow Ghana initiative supports young students in the school with hands-on training in digital & soft skills that really matter – as early as possible. The pro-bono trainings are financed by partner start-ups, global volunteers, and donations.

Gifty, Co-Founder & Lead Trainer
Wendel, Co-Founder & IT Expert
Godfred, IT Lead-Trainer
John, Graphics & Content Expert
Jennifer, Marketing Consultant
Benjamin, Pro-Bono Consultant
Gow GH steps
  1. Grow Ghana is a non-profit initiative and strives to create a tangible impact for the students at local schools
  2. We empower all students in our program equally – no matter their background and skills
  3. We never replace local teachers – our program is an addition to the governmental curriculum
  4. We are not competing with other NGOs or programs, but strive for cooperation & synergies
  5. We are self-critical and want to improve constantly
  6. We always show full respect for our environment