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Grow Ghana

“Digitalization is everywhere and a great chance for Africa. Old structures get disrupted and Africa can benefit tremendously. For this, young talents must be exposed to technology and critical thinking to master our rapidly changing digital world. Grow Ghana is aiming to create impact to support a new digital generation in Africa.”

Gifty, Co-Founder Grow Ghana

We are a registered & licensed non-profit organization in Ghana (license no. DSW/7996). All contributions impact directly the goals of the organization according to the regulations of the Ghana Social Welfare Department.

  • Breaking Barriers: Empowering girls through ICT

    In Ghana, a country where more than half of the population is female, it’s alarming to note that women only earn around 30% of the total household income. Somehow numbers like these do not seem to fit together and paint a dark picture of the current state of gender equality in our society. Access to… Read More »Breaking Barriers: Empowering girls through ICT

Yes, I would recommend it to others, because you have the freedom to say what you want […] and it helps you with IT-skills.

Priscilla 15, Grow Ghana Student

I recommend the training to others, because it is very helpful. If you join it you will generate good skills that will help you in computing.

Simon 15, Grow Ghana Student

The program is very interesting and they told us a lot about ICT. I like that you have the freedom of speech.

Gifty 15, Grow Ghana Student
Basic IT Education is a MUST for future JOBS!

The students of today are the employees, entrepreneurs, and leaders of tomorrow. But how do you expect them to create value if basic skills are never taught?

Meet Elizabeth, 16 years old, in Junior High School. She never touched a computer before and never used the internet. She is used to repeating what the teacher says – and gets good grades for that. But she has never learned how to express her own thoughts, work in a team, or think critically. She struggles to organize herself if exposed to a new task. Her self-confidence is low, as her voice is not heard.

Exposed to a youth coding project (Scratch), Elizabeth could explore a digital world and build her own projects in a playful way. She can feel how successful teamwork leads to results, she can be creative. At the same time, she will only be successful if she thinks critically and follows the logic of the code.

This empowers her to develop & grow herself, get exposed, and get pre-qualified for a formal job in the future. Maybe she even becomes a digital native and leader? We believe that playful IT training with a focus on coding is the ideal tool to unlock & grow vital skills of young students.

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